General overview on Chassidus


דיני אגמים, ימים ודין מקוה ביד העכו


טבילה בנהר, חופר בצד הנהר וסימני מעיין


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Our first Farbrengen

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach Halacha to the next generation of Lubavitcher yungerleit and Rabbanim.
We seek to cultivate our students’ grasp of halachic theory and principles, as well as the process of practical halachic application.
As a Lubavitcher Kolel, we place an emphasis on understanding the Rebbeim’s unique insights and stances on various halachic topics.
Additionally, we seek to identify talented yungerleit and prepare them to pursue a path toward a Rabbinic position in communities across the world.


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